MuT - Mentoring und Training

MuT- Mentoring and Training is an acronym; the actual German word ‘Mut’ means ‘courage’.

MuT is a programme for the advancement of highly qualified female junior academics in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Women aiming at a full professorship are supported in realising their skills and making more effective use of their career opportunities. The programme provides participants with the opportunity to establish supportive relationships with experienced researchers, to overcome structural barriers and to gain knowledge and experience in the academic field.

The programme is designed for women with a post-doctoral lecture qualification (Privatdozentinnen), women in the stage of their post-doctoral lecture qualification (Habilitandinnen), junior professors, postdocs, and women working towards their PhD.

The project is managed by Dr. Dagmar Höppel, University of Stuttgart, and Dr. Agnes Speck, University of Heidelberg. Your contact person at the coordination office is Dr. Dorett Schneider.

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